60+ Kumpulan Contoh Kalimat Present Continuous Tense Positif Negatif Interogatif

contoh kalimat present continuous tense

60+ Kumpulan Contoh Kalimat Present Continuous Tense Positif Negatif Interogatif  – Selamat datang sobat – sobat nara, pada artikel sebelumnya admin sudah membahas mengenai present continuous tense namun hanya memberikan sedikit contoh kalimat dari peggunaan tense tersebut. Sekarang admin akan menulis mengenai contoh kalimat present continuous tense di sini, sengaja saya pisah karena akan menjadi panjang apabila saya satukan dengan artikel sebelumnya. Sama seperti tense sebelumnya, untuk contoh kalimat present continuous tense juga akan kita bedakan sesuai jenis – jenisnya yaitu verbal dan nominal, dimana masing – masing terdiri dari kalimat positif, negatif, dan interogatif. Tanpa basa – basi langsung saja disimak contoh kalimat present continuous tense berikut:

Kalimat Verbal

Kalimat Positif

I’m buying some drinks right now
Rofi is spending his holiday
They are consuming fast foods on the McD
Look! She is calling her ex
We are watching football on TV
We’re eating fried rice, I have made it
You are throwing the ball
He is introducing his family at the moment
Yogi and Fahmi are cooking some foods now
The cat is running around

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Kalimat Negatif

She is not cleaning the bathroom
You are not going to school now
They are not recruiting someone like you
People are not talking about us
Refi and Bagus are  arguing about Chelsea’s game
I am not counting on her for this problem
Yudi is not finishing his work
John is not taking bath at the moment
We are not borrowing the car
That pretty girl is not understanding her boyfriend’s feeling

Kalimat Interogatif

Are you studying for tomorrow test?
Are they preparing for the camp?
Is she still thinking about the test result?
Are Razak and Dimas still doing the homework?
Is the teacher teaching your class now?
Are you planting all of this for her?
Are you playing dumb right now?
Is the assistant reporting about the result?
Are we still having a grudge on them?
Are they planning to play football?

Kalimat Nominal

Kalimat Positif

He is being so rough
I am still the leader
She is being so attractive
Andreas and Zulfi are a deskmate
You are being so polite
The teacher is being more serious now
We are being so confident in this match
She is being completely different
You are being so naughty
He is the goalkeeper

Kalimat Negatif

They are not being better now
She is not my girlfriend
We are not being so sproud
I am not the best student
You are not being more gentle
She is not being stress
We are not friend
Andy and Diki are not a chelsea supporters
They bag is not being heavy
The game is not being mode difficult

Kalimat Interogatif

Is she being so active now?
Are you the boss here?
Is the teacher here?
Is The book being more expensive?
Are you a football team player?
Are they the thiefs?
Is Joni being so funny?
Is the mathematic being more complicated with aljabar?
Are your friends on your house now?
Is steve being so selfish?

Di  atas adalah contoh – contoh kalimat present continuous tense yang admin buat, semoga kalian dapat lebih memahami mengenai present continuous tense, bagi kalian yang ingin menambahkan silakan tulis di kolom komentar di bawah ya!




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