60+ Kumpulan Contoh Kalimat Simple Present Tense Positif Negatif Interogatif


60+ Kumpulan Contoh Kalimat Simple Present Tense Positif Negatif Interogatif Verbal Nominal – Halo sobat nara semua, pada artikel sebelumnya admin sudah membahas mengenai simple present tense, namun karena akan terlalu panjang jika admin menulis semua contoh kalimat pada artikel tersebut maka admin memutuskan untuk membuatnya terpisah. Sebelumnya admin akan mereview dulu agar kalian tidak lupa mengenai simple present tense yatu simple present tense digunakan untuk kegiatan yg umum, dan terdiri dari kalimat verbal (melakukan pekerjaan) dan nominal (tidak melakukan pekerjaan). Agar tidak terlalu lama, langsung saja disimak contoh – contoh kalimat simple present tense berikut :

Kalimat Verbal

Kalimat Positif

I get up early everyday
She has a pencil
Khabib punches McGregor right on his face
They buy new clothes on department store
We spend our holiday together
Lita attends her boyfriend’s party
You and I boil an egg in the kitchen
He calls me every morning
Fano and I clean the bathroom
Mymom always hugs me everyday
I bring your book to school
Rani sells her dress
My brother introduces his friend to our parents
We dance together on a club
She always helps me finish mytask

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Kalimat Negatif

He does not invite me to come to his party
You do not cook anything
Rahma does not lend me her pen
My english teacher does not teach us about mathematic
Jaka and Hamdani do not visit their grandma
Rofi does not pick me up
The cat does not eat a fish that living on a pool
Boss does not order me to make a report
She does not realize my feeling
My younger brother does not watch TV in the morning
Mymom does not lie to me
My father does not work every sunday
They do not finish the test
My teacher does not see me sleeping
You and I do not know the homework

Kalimat Interogatif

Do you remember me?
Does she come on time?
Does you cat eat the fish?
Do we enjoy the holiday?
Do Rendy and Joni arrive at airport?
Does your friend fry the rice?
Do I regret to fail?
Do you get the number?
Does he quarell with his brother?
Do they read the same book?
Does Cristiano score for Juventus?
Do they move to the new building?
Do Ani and I take the test?
Does the dog bark everyday?
Do you win the contest?

Kalimat Nominal

Kalimat Positif

I am your friend
He is the captain
My father is a doctor
The food is delicious
She is jealous
The sky is blue
That guy is cool
The defence is terrible
You are my classmate
We are a football team
They are our opponent
Andy and Susi are a couple
Your bag is very heavy
The concert is great
Mathematic is difficult

Kalimat Negatif

You are not alone
She is not happy
My cat is not hungry
We are not afraid of your team
The music is not good enough
I am not strong enough
He is not the leader
They are not our comrades
Fahmi is not the boss
The water is not hygiene
The chocolate is not black
My english task is not easy
I am not your neighbour
The apple is not available
The suit is not suitable with me

Kalimat Interogatif

Am I right?
Is it fit to me?
Are you serious?
Is he satisfied?
Are they here?
Is it a romantic song?
Is she an interesting girl?
Are We a solid squad?
Is the story end?
Are you ok?
is the TV too bright?
Is she late again?
Am I a big buy that he meant?
Am I too fast?
Is the food ready?

Di atas adalah contoh – contoh kalimat simple presents tense, terdapat sekitar 90 contoh kalimat simple present tense. Bahkan bisa menjadi lebih dari 150 kalimat bila sobat – sobat dapat merubah tiap kalimat ke bentuk lain. Semoga apa yang admin tulis dapat bermanfaat buat kalian semua. See you!

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